My Journey vol.1

 I’ll try to write my journey in English .

 First ,my style . Most things I don’t care ,about exept camera and film.

 I need only a few clothes, bag, guiter, some money, tabaco, camera and film so usually I take only a 33L bag.

  Most of these are camera and film. I think, except I need to throw away everything!!

 Now, there is a lot of information so our world is confused. We have too many things to understand.

 I like of this word “ Less is more “ or “Voluntary simplicity”.

 My journey style is poor. Almost all people think ,poor is not good , but I don’t think so.

  If I don’t have enough money ,I use my initiative. I can get a lot of experience and real knowledge.

  A lot of money changes people .Usually I go everywhere alone. Alone I can feel myself.

 I don’t need anything I need only a little stuff.


 Throw away everything !!!


My first Journey - go through Japan- vol.2

 After graduating from high school, I went through Japan.

 I wanted to see places , I didn’t know .Everything is the first time.

 I wanted to be alone because I wanted to be strong. First I went to Hokaido by air and

I went to a northern place called Souyamisaki.   The sea was frozen in spite of it being March.

 I have never seen it. After it I started to go to south by train.

 Japan has a cheap ticket called The “Seishunn18 ticket”. If I buy it, for 5days I can go to everywhere.

 It’s with no holds barred so I tried to go to the most southern station in Kyuushuu.

  It took only 5days.I went to Okinawa by air. Then I didn't know , there are more southern islands.

  In Okinawa I found a book and found there are more south islands. I wanted to go there.

 I went to Isigaki Island by ferry. It took 12 hours.

Isigaki Island has the different atmosphere than Japan.

 It is a tropical island. Around there, there are 7 islands called Yaeyama.

 I went to 6islands. There are some campers. I didn't have enough money so I asked them

 "please acommodate me!!" They said "No problem "My first camp started.

 After all I stayed in the tent for 10days. They taught me how to camp and gave me some skills.

  I really enjoyed it. I went back to Isigaki-island and stayed in the YH. In the YH I met a photographer.

 He taught me his passion and opinion. I was inspired by his words.

 "Photo is .....I cut the moment. The manual camera is difficult to use

 but if you feel good, you can take a good photo!!" In Japanese photo means.

 Truth takes a picture. I desided to buy a manual camera. This is my turning point.

 My first journey finished. It took 33days.





My journey -go around Japan by moter bike-vol.3

 My first journey went through Japan. I wanted to see Japan more so I bought a motor bike called

 "Benly 90s" This means “Convinient.” It had a very small engine(90cc).I brought camp tools and a camera.

 This was the first time to camp for me. Then I didn't know ,how to set up a tent,

 how to boil rice or how to fix my motor bike ,but I didn't care.

 I thought “Take it easy.It's now or never ,I can do it” I drove 400-500Km per day.

 I drove along the Japanese seashore because I like the sea. First I aimed north.

I used a ferry to go to Hokkaido. There are lots of free hot springs.

  I like hot springs so I was lucky!! After that I went back to Honshuu.

 Then I aimed south. I drove everyday so sometimes I got lost.

 I went to Shikoku - Kyushu - Okinawa - Ishigaki island - Yaeyama - Okinawa - Yaku island and Tokyo.

  I loved Ishigaki Island. I camped all the time. When I went to Yonaguni island .

I tried to scuba diving because there is a castel under the sea.

I thought a long time ago, there was a big civilizatio.

 I worked on this island for 5days. There are lots of sugar cane farms.

 After that I went back to Kyuushuu by a ferry and went to Yaku island .

 I like Yaku island because there is beautiful nature, like Canada.

 All the time, it was raining on this island so there is lots of moss and nature.

 I also camped there. One day the typoon was coming at the night time.

 I was woken up by the wind noise and rain. The wind was getting more strong.

 My tent's pole broke. Soon I put together my all stuff and drove.

 I wanted to stay at a safe place but I didn't have enough money so I couldn't go to YH.

 I tried to find a safe place for 1hour during the typhoon. After all I found a gym.

 Usually in Japan we have some space out side the gym. It could keep back the wind and rain.

  Next day there was also the typhoon but I have to go to the mountain

because I had a ticket for Kyushu. I walked on the mountain alone.

 Nobody went outside because of strong wind and strong rain.

  On the mountain ,there are 4 streams but this time it was a torrent.

 I hesitated to go across the torrent but I tried. After all I almost drowned,

 I barely made it across the torrent. After that I got a ferry. I went back to my home .

  It took 55 days. With this my motor bike journey finished.

 This journey made me strong and I got a lot of camping skill.

 I want to get wits to survive.





My journey Vol.4 -go around India-

 When I was 19 years old, I decided to go abroad.

 I traveled around Japan twice. I wanted to see other countries.

 I thought Japan is the richest country so I wanted to see the poorest country,

 but I didn't know which one it was. Only I imaged "India" is the poorest.

 I decided to go to India. Before I went to India ,I was afraid, because

 I haven't talked to foreigners and I worried about sanitation.

 When I arrived at the India airport, there were lot's of people to catch tourists.

 I had heard some rumors. "Almost all people cheat you so be careful"

 I tried to guard myself. Finally I took a bus. The first day was cold and rainy.

 I thought ,India was very hot .I made a mistake. India's prices are very cheap.

 1/24 the price of Japan. Usually I stayed at guest houses for under 1$.

 Indians can speak English but I couldn't speak then.

  I tried to explain but they couldn't understand.

 I went to Varanashi - Nepal - Gaya - Calcatta - southen India - Westen India.

 I liked Varanashi, Nepale, Southen India.

 Varanashi is the most important sanctuary for Indian people.

  The religion is Hinduism and 5% of the people are Christian.

  I was interested in religion and Hindu. There were lots of Freedom Fighters called Sadu.

  I ate curry all the time. Gradually I wanted to live the same way as Indians

 because I wanted to talk to native people and know their feeling.

 I like this saying "When in Rome ,do as the Romans do" so I ate only curry once a day and

 used my right hand. and drank unboiled water so I caught a cold and trrible diarrhea.

 I didn't regret it but my body was geting weak. I lost 10Kg.

 I learned that the Japanese law couldn't apply in India. India has Indian law.

 I changed my mind and life style. In India, some people cheated me but

  most people were very kind. Rumors were only rumors. I wanted to feel the truth by myself.

 I saw many homeless people, poor people, rich people, dead

 bodies, cremation, culture, bad people, good people and signs of religion.

 I liked India because if they are poor, they don't care about that.

 They are optimistic people. They could smile at me. I had lots of things.

 They didn't have anything. “Why can they smile,” I thought.

Indian people's minds were more advanced than ours.

 Most of the Japanese people's minds were developing.

 With this my journey was finished. I got lots of experience.

 In India I felt people's minds thoughts and learned lots of ways to live.

 I want to return to India someday.





My journey -going around South East Asia- Vol.5

 This term, I didn't want to go abroad because I wanted to get lots of money for a pilgrimage.

 Suddenly the event was coming, My college friend said "I'll give you an air ticket!!"

 "What?...." Finally I got an air ticket for South East Asia for free. My journey began like this.

 First friend and me went to Singapore but it was boring for us so we soon left.

 On the third day, we went different ways because we had different opinions.

 We regarded each other .I went to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

 In Thailand I tried to get a Thai ancient massage license because

 I had to wait to get a visa for 1 week. I told the teacher,

 "I want to get a license for 1 week." She said "Ok." I trained for 7hours per day.

 Finally I could get it. I had to kill time so it's good for me.

  In Cambodia I wanted to see the Angkorvat because

 Taizo Ichinose(The famous photographer in Japan)went there for dear his life.

  I agreed with his mind and life. I could go there easily.

 Near Angkorvat there are lots of ruins. I liked that so I took many photos.

 After that I went to the capital of Cambodia. There were bad rumors.

 "Don't walk outside after 9 o'clock.' "Be careful of the police" etc.

 I didn't have any bad incidents. I had good luck. There are lots of killing fields.

 I felt repelled because there are many skulls. I wasn't afraid. I saw the truth of history.

  War and atrosities never should be repeated, I thought.

 After that I went to Vietnam to feel War and culture.

 There are lots of tunnels, tanks, etc. I went to the War museum.

  There are many killing tools, photos. The photo told me about the misery of the War.

 They had strong power. Suddenly I wanted to sing the song called

 " IMAGINE" written by John Lenone. I sang a song with much feeling on the street.

 After that I met an American girl.We decided to go to the sea by motor bike.

 I didn't have an international license, I didn't know the rules but I didn't care.

 I took her on and went there. It was so exciting.

 Then I couldn't speak English very well but we could enjoy out time together.

  In Laos I went to the limestone caves with a guide. He gave me only one candle.

  We went inside. He said "There are lots of poisonous spiders so be careful" "What??"

 I didn't know how to protect myself.

 Finally the river inside was too deep to walk so I had to swim with my candle.

 In Laos I became 20 years old .Tourists gave me some drugs.

 On this journey , I passed across 7 borders.

 A border is only a line but when I crossed the border, the culture , language and

 laws changed. I didn't know why???

 Why do people hate each other?? I couldn't understand this. If they could think,

 "The world is one country, What a wonderful world!!" Why do people made borders?

 I had a lot of "whys."    With this my journey finished.





My journey - China Tibet - Vol.6


I want to go = I want to live.

 Before I went to Tibet , I really was afraided to go because

 I've never gone to a high place. The average altitude is more than 4000m.

 In Japan the highest place is Mt.Fuji which is 3776m so I didn't know

 if my body could resist this or not.

 I really wanted to go to Tibet because of seeing the blue sky and be near the sky.

 I was confused. If I went to Tibet ,I may die because of mountain sickness and

 the illegal route. I decided to bet my life by myself. No risk ,No return.

 I thought, to go back to my home is even odds. If I didn't go, certainly I would regret this.

  I didn't want regret. First I went to Peking.

 I tried to speak English but they couldn't understand so I had to write Chinese characters.

(Usually they are the same as Japanese characters)

 My first aim was crossing China and there is a big desert called Takuramakan-desert.

 There is a crossing road. It took 14days to go to west China.

 After that ,I had to hitchhike because west Tibet never had buses and

 this area is illegal for foreigners. I had to go to Ari. If I couldn't go to this village,

 my plan would fail. If I could go to Ari, first I would be arrested

 by the police and I would pay a penalty. After that I could get a permit so the illegal route

  changed to a legal route. On the way to Ari ,there are two check points but

 I didn't know how to clear that. I was interested in how to avoid it.

 It was easy. Driver and me went to a desert, Of course there isn't a road and

 after we passed the check point we came back the real way.

 We took 3days and 2nights to go to Ari.

 On the second day the altitude was over 5000m.Endless highlands....

 Naturally I got mountain sickness. First I got a fever. I couldn't move.

 Next when I wanted to urinate, I couldn't. My feeling was terribly bad.

 I could only sleep. When I arrived at Ari ,I got better.

My body adapted at the high place.

 Of course I was arrested by the police. I paid and got a permit.

 The sky is near and the sky was really blue. I cried because of my emotional.

 I wanted to go to Mt,Kailas. It's a supreme sanctuary for Tibetan Buddhists and Hindus.

  Mt,Kaikas is 52Km and the maximum altitude is 5700m.I tried to walk.

 There was nothing. There were only rocks and some grass.

  On the first day, I met pilgrims On the second day,

I had to go over 5700m but my body couldn't do that.

 Maybe around 5500-5600m,I couldn't walk any more. There were hailstones.

 My body got weak from mountain sickness and malnutrition. I though ,

 "I'll die here It was a challenge, I was ready to welcome death so I didn't regret it,

 I'm proud of myself, I forgot myself, I looked at the sky ....I'll die soon..."

 I didn't know, after few minutes or few hours. Two pilgrims came in front of me.

 Of course they couldn't speak English. They could speak only the Tibetan language

 so we couldn't have a conversation but they understood my condition.

 They were bonze .One of them bonze carried my bag. The other bonze helped me.

 All the time they encouraged me. I couldn't understand their language but

  it's not important for us. I felt their mind, their spirit. On the top of the mountain,

 I cried . I was really happy. I felt Tibet with my body.

 After that I carried my bag and walked with them people.

 I could descend the mountain. I really really appreciated them.

 They were life savers  I thought , I have to help somebody, if they are in trouble.

  It's my duty. After Mt,Kailas, I went to Lake Manasarovar on foot because

  I couldn't hitchhike so for 1 week I walked around 130Km. Lake Manasarovar is also a sanctuary.

  I took pictures. Then I heard "Namasute(Hindu hello)". I was surprised.

 There was a freedom fighter.(Indian ascetic) He lived near the Lake's cave for 12years

 so I tried to speak in English. Most Indian people can speak English.

 I said "Can I stay at your cave for one night? Please!!" "No problem ."

  He has a generous mind. Then I had only my camera.

 At night and in the morning , Tibet is very cold.....and the cave was for only one person.

  I couldn't stay inside but I wanted to stay there.

 At night time ,it was getting cold . He saw me and said "I’ll rent you this blanket"

 He made me an Indian curry. Although I had a blanket, I couldn't sleep well.

 It was too cold to sleep. I looked at the sky , there are a lot of stars.

 I had never seen that  many. Beautiful!!. I woke up around 5am and went back to the small village.

  I enjoyed village life. I met one guy. He sold food.

 I talked English and Chinese. I smoked with him. He is very kind.

 Finally he gave me a smoke and he cought a truck for Ari.

 After that I went back to Ari and went to Lasa. When I arrived at Lasa,

 I felt ,I should go bake to Japan because there are many things to do.

  I don't like the city. There is lots of information .I need a simple life.

 With this my illegal journey finished.



My endless journey Vol. special

 Now I'm on a pilgrimage. I'll go to lots of countries for around 10years.

 People may think, What are you doing?? My friends will raise a family and

 get lots of money.....  After my pilgrimage ,I'll have many experiences and

 photos but I won't have money. Money is not important for me

but I need a minimum amount. Why do most people want to get a lot of  money?

 Money makes them happy? I think developed nation's people forget what is most important.

 Human beings need to enjoy their life. Don't you think so??

 I want to ask human beings,

  "Why are you alive now?

  What is your purpose in life??

 " My answer is " I want to enjoy all my life!!"

 I think this is the essence of living. If some people ask me,

  "How can I enjoy my life?" I answer "Make your life more exciting!"

 All the time I try to make my life exciting.

 " Life is a journey toward  the guiding right"

 After here ,I'll meet many people, get lots of experiences and take a lot of photos.

  The most important thing is to meet people.

 If there is a wheel of life, what do you want to do in your next life??

 I don't have a God. God..... My God is mine.

 Time I consider it like a philosophy  ,especially while I'm on a pilgrimage.

 Lastly I want to write



My life is a Journey


 My life is Music


 My life is photo


 Keep trying


 Keep smiling


 Keep myself


 Never give up till I die!


 My endless journey is going on.......